School: Mundelein Seminary
1000 East Maple Avenue
Mundelein, IL 60060


I grew in Marietta, Georgia to parents from Kansas.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy reading, golfing, basketball, hiking, shooting, and I have a great interest in history.

What is one of your favorite scriptures?

Genesis 37 about Joseph being sold by his brothers into slavery is one of my favorite stories. Firstly, because I could see my brothers doing the same thing (joking!) but I also think that his rise to power in Egypt is one of the greatest stories of revenge and forgiveness out there. It reminds me a great deal of my favorite book, The Count of Monte Cristo.

Who is your favorite saint and why?

Besides our Blessed Mother, Saint Therese of Lisieux has become increasingly important to me. Her constant prayers for priest in her lifetime and now have helped me immensely at different times in my life.

In a nutshell, what is your vocation story? How did you feel called to the priesthood?

To make a long story short. I fought God and God won. It was a winner take all fight.

What is seminary life like for you?

I imagine it is similar to the 30 years Christ spent with Mary and Joseph before he began his public ministry. It is this great opportunity to grow outside of the chaos of world and to really focus on the voice of God.

What do you look forward to about being a priest?

Like a new Dad who has just had his first child, it will finally be my time to lead my family as a father.

What advice do you have for other guys thinking about the priesthood?

Your focus should not be on becoming or not becoming a priest but rather on the will of God. It was too hard for me I was discerning to admit that I might be interested in the priesthood but I was capable of asking God for help. I just prayed every day that I would want what He wanted and eventually I did.