School: Notre Dame Seminary
2901 S. Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118


I was born in Colombia in the home of Carlos Alberto and Aurelia. I am the fifth of seven siblings. My parents are straightforward and faithful people who cultivated Christian values in my life. Being part of a Christian and lovely home has been a fundamental basis for my vocation to the priesthood.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I have three different hobbies. The first one is reading. I love books. I read as many books as possible. Another hobby of mine is playing the guitar. I think that music is a sublime human creation which promotes the communion with God and others. And finally, I enjoy sharing as much time as possible with my closest friends.

What is one of your favorite scriptures?

In my vocational process, I have been greatly encouraged by God’s calling of Jeremiah. In the face of the fears and weaknesses of Jeremiah, God encourages him, telling him, “before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you” (Jer 1:5). Precisely, when the sadness and hopelessness come to me, I always find relief and strength in this scripture.

Who is your favorite saint and why?

My favorite saint is Francis of Assisi. His testimony and his deep relationship with God have encouraged thousands of people to follow Christ in a radical way. I admire his poverty, his simplicity of life, his humility, and his powerful love for people and nature.

In a nutshell, what is your vocation story? How did you feel called to the priesthood?

When I was 8 years old, serving as altar server, I started to feel God’s calling to the priesthood. Since then, I have been an active part of my Parish. One important element in my vocation story has been spiritual direction. Thanks to this wonderful experience, I feel called to the priesthood despite my great weaknesses.

What is seminary life like for you?

The seminary is walking with Jesus in community. It is a place where you can grow in humanity and God’s knowledge. I can say, without a doubt that the best moments of my life have been inside this house of formation.

What do you look forward to about being a priest?

My principal objective is accepting and assuming God’s Will. I want to find happiness in service to others and in the testimony of God’s love. Being a priest is to be a witness of the mercy and goodness of God.

What advice do you have for other guys thinking about the priesthood?

Don’t be afraid. Following Jesus is the most joyful experience. If you feel that God is calling you, look for a priest to advise you in the process of discernment. Jesus needs your hands and your feet to announce His eternal love for humanity.