School: Notre Dame Seminary
2901 S. Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

I was born in Vietnam, I have been in the US for two years ago. I came here with my family in New Jersey. After that, I applied to Archdiocese of Atlanta and became a seminarian. My family has six people. I have two sisters, one brother, and me. They live in New Jersey, USA. I love to read spiritual books. I love gospel that wrote by St Luke. I love St Theresa Calcutta; I learn from her many things such as humility, kindness, charity. That’s why I love St Teresa Calcutta. My vocation story is very long, but I will briefly talk about myself. Following Jesus is not easy for everyone, I was a brother in Scalabrini Congregation in Vietnam. I have been in this congregation for three years; after that, I had Visa from the US and came in the USA.

In the Beginning, it was tough for me because I did not have friends in the US, and it made me confuse about my vocation. I have ever thought that I will work here and give up my mission. God never gives up me, and He always opens the way for those who are looking for Him. God opened through people who were around me. God gave my uncle who lives in Atlanta. My uncle asked me to come and see Atlanta. In 2014, I came in Atlanta and talked to Fr. Francis who is pastor of Vietnamese parish in Atlanta. He took me to the Vocation Office of Archdiocese of Atlanta, and after meeting with Director Vocation, I started my application to Archdiocese and God opened my way at that time.

I want to become a priest because I want to evangelize to all of my family members and friends to help them stay away from sins and have a strong belief and faith in God. Also, I can evangelize people who have not known the Faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to believe in God. I also want to bring Christ to others and let people know how the grace of God has been to us.

The seminary life is euphoric in God if you follow Jesus, He never gives you bad things in life, but everything is the best for you. Don’t be afraid when you would like to become a priest. Just come and see, you will see what God give to you. I invite all the young guys who would like to become a priest. Do not be afraid, just come to your pastor or you can directly call to Vocation Office. I think if you need my advice about the priesthood, I think that you should go head, and talk with whom you like. After that, you can talk or contact with some seminarians in our Archdiocese. It will be helpful for you. Therefore, you can be easy to discernment about Priesthood and make a decision to follow Jesus.