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How Is Jesus Calling You to Lay Down Your Life for the Church?
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Holy Marriage

“A man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife, and the two shall become one.”

Permanent Diaconate

“Select from yourselves reputable men, filled with the Spirit and wisdom.”

Consecrated Life

Men and women consecrated to intimate union with God through a life of total dedication.


“Grace was given me by God to be a minister of Christ in the priestly service of the gospel.”


Vocation Office Blog

Seminarians Reflect on a Summer with COVID-19

What did you do this summer, and how was it? Anthony Carosone: For the past two months I have been assigned to the small, yet wonderful community of St. Francis of Assisi in Cartersville. Being in a small country parish and due to many limitations regarding social...

Introducing Atlanta’s Newest Seminarians

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Chris Larkins: I grew up in Dacula, GA, northeast of Atlanta, and I attended Dacula Elementary, Middle, and High School. My home parish is St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Lawrenceville, GA, where I also have received all of my...

How to Leave Seminary (Before You’ve Even Entered)

God calls some men to seminary whom He does not call to become priests. Yep, you read that right. God leads us one step at a time, and it’s impossible to see around corners. And sometimes He wants us to know for sure where He's not calling us. You may know,...

Forming Seminarian Brotherhood during Summer

How do seminarians deepen their relationship and foster fraternity this summer? Jared Kleinwaechter: On Thursday nights, groups of seminarians get together throughout the Archdiocese to pray together, have dinner together, and grow in our brotherhood. Good food...

Summer Spiritual Tips

Slowing Down & Silence. We are definitely living in a very unusual time riddled with plenty of suffering and inconveniences. I have tried to discern how God is still actively working among it all. One particular way that I have noticed this is the extra time and...

Thoughts before Diaconate Ordination

How will diaconate ordination be different this year due to the virus? Robbie Cotta: Unfortunately it’s gonna be a small crowd at ordination. Only a handful of family members, friends, priests, deacons and seminarians will be able to attend the ordination. It’s a...

What Seminarians Do During Summer

What is your summer assignment? Simon Nguyen: My summer assignment is at St. Peter Chanel in Roswell. This is actually my second summer assignment. My last assignment was at Holy Vietnamese Martyrs in Norcross. These two parishes are completely different, but they...

Despite Lockdown, Seminarians Have a Grace-filled Spring

What is a normal spring semester in seminary like for you and how did Covid-19 change the semester? Joseph Fiorentino: A normal Spring semester at St. Joseph’s Seminary is normally pretty busy for me with a lot of singing practices for the Holy Week liturgies. ...

Pope Benedict’s Message to Seminarians

"It does makes sense to become a priest: the world needs priests, pastors, today, tomorrow and always, until the end of time." In an open letter on October 18, 2010, Pope Emeritus Benedict spoke from his heart to seminarians throughout the Church. Addressing the...

Discernment During the Pandemic

If you’re discerning the priesthood, you have a choice during the pandemic lockdown. You can either bemoan your isolation and put your discernment in “lazy limbo” or you can treat this challenge as an opportunity to dive deep. Since you’re a man striving to be a...

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The primary way to discover His will for you is by first pursuing holiness! Through regular prayer, service, and spiritual direction, your vocation will be revealed over time. Need help? Contact us!

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